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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Creating a UK Beauty Certification Strategy

The UK is experiencing a high volume of enquiries from cosmetics companies that have the scope to be significant. In..

Creating a UK Market-Entry Strategy for Beauty Brand

An international beauty brand was looking to enter the UK market, and approached us to create a market-entry strategy for..

Developing Beauty Brand Identity for an Acessories Brand

They launched as a beauty accessories brand, with a range of brushes over six years ago. The business grew organically,..

Develop a brand book for Middle Eastern Skincare brand

Petra had a strong vision for their brand but needed support with refining the look and feel of their brand,..

Developing A Unisex Fragrance Brand

Five Seasons is a handcrafted, unisex fragrance brand, inspired by notes reminiscent of each season in Moldova – Spring, Summer,..

An Investment Deck for a Hair Stylist to Hollywood Stars

A hair artist to Hollywood stars approached us to develop an investment deck to support the development of his range..

Market-Entry into UK and Europe, for Ayurvedic Beauty Brand

Developing a market-entry strategy for a leading Ayurvedic brand recognised globally in the holistic and wellness category, for

UK Market-Entry for Australian Indie Sun care Brand

Creating a market-entry strategy for the UK, Middle East and travel retail. Introducing the beauty brand to leading retailers and..

Achieving growth through market expansion

We are delighted to announce our relationship with the world’s leading Ayurvedic brand – Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Wellness. Our founder Janet Milner-Walker..

Exporting Australian Beauty Brands

We are delighted to be working with the Department of Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) to provide their trade ministers,..

Rebranding an African Skincare Brand

Zawadi means ‘gift’ in Swahili. They are a natural skincare brand based on African ingredients with a collection of products..

What to consider when exporting your brand

We are really excited to be collaborating with the Trade and Investment Queensland to help brands from Queensland, Australia export..