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Creating a UK Market-Entry Strategy for Beauty Brand

Key Deliverables

  • Review routes to market in the UK, key retailers, where and how competitors have approached the market.
  • Identify opportunities in their product range and propose a go-to-market strategy for the UK.

The Issue

An international beauty brand was looking to enter the UK market, and approached us to create a market-entry strategy for their brand. They didn’t have much knowledge of the UK retail landscape and wanted an understanding of retail, customers, competitors, trends, compliance, and regulations.

Founded by Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, former winners of The Block Australia and interior design experts, the company was born out of the duo’s challenge to find bathroom and kitchen styling products that complemented their finished projects. al.ive body innovates and creates new products that align with customer demand, pushing the boundaries of the personal and home care industry. Launched in March 2020, the brand quickly established distribution in independent homewares and design retailers across Australia. Beginning with hand and body creams and soaps, continuous product innovation has extended al.ive body into hair care, room scents and premium kitchen cleaning. All products are 100% recyclable.

Our approach and results

We reviewed the al.ive Body website, their marketing materials and product range along with doing a deep dive into the UK beauty marketplace, UK competitors, key trends driving growth, retail channels to make recommendations on how best to approach market-entry of the UK.

  • We deep dived into their competitors, identifying how their competitors entered the market, considered their product range, pricing, marketing and retail channels.
  • We identified key trends driving growth in their space within the UK market.
  • We analysed and recommended relevant retailers they would be a good fit for the brand.
  • We provided recommendations on UK regulations, and legal considerations for the market.

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