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How to Come up with your Big Idea

We have all heard about the importance of having a ‘Big Idea’. With so many products in the marketplace, it is crucial that you have a distinctive point of difference. This Idea differentiates your brand and enables your customers to choose your brand as The Brand for them. If you are staring at a blank screen pondering on how to come up with your winning idea, here are a few pointers to get started.

  1. Most people think your idea needs to be original. Well this isn’t true, there are already countless businesses in existence, so it is very unlikely that your idea is going to be completely original.  Instead look at what is already out there and think of how you can improve upon it.
  2. It is important to be relevant, and as so much has changed, the way in which we conduct business has also changed. So rather than reinvent an idea, look at conducting an existing business in a different way – take it from retail into an online version.
  3. Seek to solve a problem, look at your daily life and habits, there are plenty of problems that need to be solved. The best business ideas are based on solving real problems.
  4. List the features and benefits that are unique about your product or service. Always do your research and compare yourself with your direct competitors. Identify what sets you apart from everybody else.
  5. A strong brand identity helps you in establishing your brand personality, and with creating a distinctive tone of voice, which is shared across your brand assets.

Having a niche provides your business with a competitive advantage. It provides a distinct point of view, a distinct way of working and a distinct solution. We work with our clients to develop their brands from ‘concept to shelf’ through our consultancy services, and our online accelerator programme, BeautytoLife®.  GET IN TOUCH to discuss how we can support you.