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The Power of a Name

Are you struggling with product naming or a name for your beauty brand? It’s not easy, but it is very important. Your brand name sets your brand apart, it helps you in telling your brand story and in expressing your brand personality. It can possibly make or break your brand.

Naming your beauty brand is the first step to developing your beauty brand identity. You will be using this on your website, packaging, marketing materials, on social media and when introducing your brand to others. It should be distinctive, and memorable, it can help you in positioning your brand, particularly if it has a specific meaning.

It’s likely that you have given your beauty brand name a lot of thought and maybe even done numerous Google searches to see whether it is available to trademark. Buying a domain name for your website and checking social media channels to confirm its availability is one of the first steps to securing your brand name. A brand name is not just about how the name sounds or looks on your packaging. There are legal considerations to naming a brand.


Do not take any final decisions about your beauty brand name until you have checked to see whether you can trademark it. A trademark protects your brand and ensures no-one can pass their brand off as yours.

Once you secure your trademark, any wrong usage of your brand name, can be considered illegal, and you can take the offender to court. E-tailers like Amazon require you to trademark your brand if you would like to set up a brand registry page. Amazon Brand Registry is designed to protect brand owners online.


If you are selling your brand into other marketplaces, you may want to confirm that the name doesn’t have another meaning in a different language. Thinking about how your brand sounds in a different language, and how it may be interpreted, is another important consideration at this stage. If you are looking for support in developing your brand GET IN TOUCH