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Developing a Unisex Fragrance Brand

Success Highlights

Developing a luxury fragrance brand inspired by Moldovia.

The Issue

Five Seasons is a handcrafted, unisex fragrance brand, inspired by notes reminiscent of each season in Moldova – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and those days when we experience all four seasons in a single day.  Designed by husband-and-wife team, who have embarked on a journey to celebrate the natural beauty of Moldova with different corners of the world. They had launched a scent range, which began during Covid-19, with a focus on scented wax melts. They hadn’t dipped their toes into luxury fragrance, and brought on board Bespoke Advantage to support them with this.


Our approach and results

  • Developed their brand strategy with consideration for the marketplace, trends, competitors, pricing, positioning and how to enter the market.
  • Defined their brand identity, starting with brand naming, their Vision, Mission, Brand Promise, Brand Story, Brand Values and Brand Messaging.
  • Designed their logo, colours and typography – with appreciation for Moldovian culture and heritage – their home market.
  • Led the development of their five fragrances, together with the fragrance houses.
  • Designed their labels, packaging and marketing materials, and wrote the copy for their product range.

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