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Developing a brand book for Middle Eastern Skincare brand

Success Highlights

  • Define the brand identity for Petra to include their Vision, Mission, Brand Values, Brand Story, Brand Promise and Brand Messaging.
  • Design a brand book that succinctly presents the brand to internal and external parties, including photographers, videographers, web developers, advertising agencies, retailers and landlords, ensuring consistency of branding across all touch points.

The Issue

Founded in the UK launched in Dubai, Petra is a pioneering premium, skincare brand, offering a diverse range of products formulated with the exceptional properties of Dead Sea Minerals, renowned for restoring skin health.

In 2012 Petra opened its first location in Dubai Marina Mall and has continued to grow exponentially across multiple locations in shopping malls across Dubai, with the support of over 50 expert skincare specialists.

Petra had a strong vision for their brand but needed support with refining the look and feel of their brand, and with crafting their brand identity, as they continued their trajectory growth across the UAE and other markets.

Our approach and results

  • We started by deep diving into the ethos of the brand, their customers and their vision.
  • We reviewed their competitors, their product range, pricing and positioning.
  • We created their Brand Identity.
  • We presented them with six concepts for the look and feel for their brand book before agreeing upon one final direction which we continue to refine as their new Brand Identity.
  • This was packed up succinctly into a smart brand book, that communicated their values, messaging, story, product range and retail units, to be shared with future landlords as they expand into retail outlets.

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