Building a Functional Drinks Brand, Bespoke Advantage

Building a Functional Drinks Brand

Slim Lilly, curbing your appetite and supporting health weight management:
‘Slim Lilly is an award-winning range of functional drinks developed by an award-winning slimming Doctor, with the benefit of curbing the appetite through harnessing the benefits of Konjac fibre. Konjac is a renowned Japanese superfood that stimulates the stomach to produce natural GLP-1 whilst also fuelling the growth of healthy colonic microbiome.’

The team behind Slim Lilly won the prestigious InnovateUK award 2022 and approached Bespoke Advantage to support them in developing their brand.

Success Highlights:
• Developed a clearly defined brand strategy for Slim Lilly
• Created their brand identity, brand messaging and brand story
• Designed their branding

• Bespoke Advantage continue to support the development of the brand including overseeing their PR


Our Approach & Results:
We worked together to refine Slim Lilly’s brand strategy, establish their pricing, and the naming of the brand. We designed their packaging and Brand Messaging supported by market research through a global market research company. As a brand management company, we managed the marketing of the brand, and supported the development of the brand –  providing our input into their Kickstarter campaign, Amazon and third-party market research companies including Tryit, who conducted market research across 10 000 consumers to gain insights on the brand, and Visionary who conducted a Gap Analysis with leading supermarkets, to ensure product market fit and pricing.

The brand is launching on Amazon and their website, and we continue to support the brand.

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