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Bath and body is trending

You heard right – we can’t get enough of the bath and body category! Self-care and wellness has taken centre stage after the pandemic. Our awareness of our mental health and well-being has led to a far greater interest in self-care rituals from pampering ourselves, to seeking out new and innovative bathing and shower products.

The hashtags “showertok” and #fullbodydeodrant flooded social media platforms globally last year  – from cleansing, to exfoliating, shaving, moisturizing and plenty more. We have started to romanticize about how to take care of ourselves. Gone are the days when deodorants were solely for scenting our underarms; now, odor-control genderless solutions are being developed to fragrance various parts of our body.

The healing benefits of a hot bath have long been praised, and a daily dip can even help us to relieve muscle tension, which can be particularly beneficial if you lead an active lifestyle. There’s now a wealth of exquisite bath-time formulas lining the shelves of brands like Aromatherapy Associates, Bamford to Molton Brown, L’Occitane and Rituals. From restorative salts and beautiful oils to foaming bubbles and nourishing milks, these innovative new formulas make this evening ritual our favourite treat after a busy day.

There is a far greater focus on menopause today – from what causes this, to how to treat the menopause and this has extended into skincare and body care. The beauty industry largely overlooked the distinct needs of menopausal women, focusing instead on anti-aging remedies that often fell short in addressing the specific challenges brought on by hormonal fluctuations. Traditionally, menopausal skincare products were marketed under the guise of “anti-aging,” extending a narrow narrative that failed to acknowledge the impact of hormonal imbalances on the skin. Dryness, loss of elasticity, increased sensitivity—these were just a few of the issues that women grappled with during this transitional phase, yet finding effective solutions remained elusive. Retailers including Boots and Superdrug have introduced new menopausal body and skincare brands.

Hands deal with a lot—from increased exposure to the environment, hand washing and sanitizing, to just day-to-day physical wear. Hand creams are also having a moment. Often overlooked as part of our skincare routines, our hands are one of the most visible parts of our body and are constantly exposed to various elements. This neglect can lead to signs of aging such as wrinkles, crepiness, dark spots, and dryness. Beauty brands like Dior, Neom and Glossier have stepped up their game, offering innovative products designed to cater to our specific needs.

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