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The Evolution of Men's Grooming

There is a rise in prominence of men’s grooming brands. This category has exceeded in sales over the past few years and according to Statista, the global male grooming market will be worth $115 billion by 2028, on the rise from $80 billion in 2022. It’s evident that men are looking after themselves as much as women and it’s why our bathroom shelves no longer house a decade-old cologne bottle or razors that could do with an upgrade. In their place you’re more likely to find devices targeting fine lines, body moisturisers, various supplements and even the odd bit of makeup. With celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Dwayne Johnson bringing their love of grooming to the masses with skincare lines, it’s safe to say demand is only set to increase.

The rise of barber shops

Throughout history, barber shops have been essential hubs for men’s grooming. Barbers not only provided haircuts and shaves but also served as social catch ups where men could gather, share stories, and discuss their business and social lives. Barber shops played a crucial role in shaping men’s grooming habits and preferences. Facial hair and hair styling are a large part of barber shops. The beard has evolved from a symbol of ruggedness to a sexy statement. With this trend, a range of beard care products has emerged, including beard oils and balms. These products not only nourish the beard but also provide a pleasant scent, further emphasizing the role of fragrance in men’s grooming.


Men are increasingly concerned with feeling good. Wellness-infused grooming products are incorporating ingredients that promote both physical and mental well-being. Men’s retreats like Everyman and Junto are popping up across the marketplace. Unlearning stoicism and authentically sharing your feelings are their top priorities.


Men are increasingly recognising the importance of a good skincare routine. Beyond the basic wash-and-go, skincare has become a fundamental aspect of men’s daily grooming rituals. From cleansers to moisturisers and serums, men are embracing products designed to keep their skin healthy and hydrated. Brands like Kiehl’s, Clarins and Aesop all have products aimed at men. Although there are synergies between products for men and for women when it comes to high-quality skincare, there are a  few fundamental differences that can make a significant difference in product selection. For one, men have thicker skin with larger and greater density of pores than women, meaning they are more acne-prone than women, and overly greasy or thick moisturizing products may not be good for their skin.

Customized Products

Personalisation is apparent in all categories. And now brands are offering customised solutions, allowing men to tailor their grooming routines to specific skin concerns, preferences, and lifestyles. From personalised skincare formulations to bespoke fragrances, men are seeking bespoke experiences.

Spa Experiences

Spas and treatments are not only aimed at women anymore, spas now offer a wide range of services tailored to men’s needs, from facials as and massages to specialized treatments like hot towel shaves. This has evolved from a rare indulgence to a regular self-care practice for many men. In Arabic countries, the hammam or Turkish bath, a communal steam bath, has been a part of the culture for centuries. These rituals not only cleanse the body but also promote relaxation and well-being, emphasizing the holistic nature of grooming. They have been a key element of male socialising.

The grooming industry continues to grow, offering men a wide array of products and services to help them look and feel their best. Whether it’s through fragrance or cologne, skincare, beard care, or spa experiences, grooming is no longer just a routine; it’s a reflection of personal style and well-being for men.

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