Launching Indie Skincare Brand - Bespoke Advantage

Brand Strategy and Brand Identity for an Indie Skincare Brand

“Bespoke Advantage helped us to bring our brand to life creatively and strategically. We have a clear
strategy in place, with a distinctive brand message that enables us to articulate our brand to retailers and
to journalists.”

“There is a strong synergy between our website and our marketing, and our website is now integrated into
our warehousing and distribution centre, making it easier to manage our stock levels. We are a lot more
confident when presenting our brand to retailers, and with regards to the direction we are taking with our
brand.”- Tamaar Skincare.

Success Highlights:
• Developing a clearly defined brand strategy for Tamaar Skincare
• Creating their brand identity and designing their marketing materials
• Building a beautiful new website – from their look and feel to crafting their copy and brand story

The Issue:
Tamaar Skincare is a natural indie skincare brand tackling everyday skincare concerns – from acne, to
hyperpigmentation and eczema – with innovative ingredients and products. Their mission is to develop
Tamaar Skincare into a leading global beauty brand renowned for developing products based on cutting
edge technology combined with natural ingredients. They had a clear vision for their brand but didn’t
know how to get there so approached Bespoke Advantage to help them in providing clarity for their brand

Our Approach & Results:

Brand Strategy – We started by gaining a clear understanding of Tamaar Skincare’s vision – the underlying
purpose of the brand, what problems they are trying to resolve and how they are addressing these.

The Marketplace – We researched the marketplace to understand current and future trends as well
as conducted a competitor analysis and a SWOT analysis. We reviewed their pricing to ensure their
brand was well positioned in the marketplace, with sufficient margins to accommodate different retail channels.
We developed their vision and mission statement and their brand messaging which we rolled out across
their website and their marketing materials. We then reviewed how to implement this through their
marketing plan and budget for the year.

Brand Identity – Having a strong brand identity is instrumental to building a successful brand. Whilst you may have the best formulation in the world, nobody is going to buy into your brand unless they resonate with your target audience. We developed a cohesive brand identity that was consistent across all touchpoints of the brand – from packaging to social media channels and marketing materials.

The Website – We built a new website for Tamaar Skincare – from designing the look and feel, to crafting their copy and their brand story – this unveils their beautiful products, their comprehensive list of ingredients, how they support sustainability and BG1 which underpins their brand philosophy, along with the numerous press awards they have won along the way.

The Investment Deck – The final stage was to develop an investment deck and a business plan to raise funding to scale up the business and operations.

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