Exporting beauty brands into the UK, with Bespoke Advantage

Trade and Investment Queensland and Bespoke Advantage

We are delighted to be working with the Department of Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) to provide their trade ministers, and beauty and wellness brands with in-depth market related knowledge of the beauty and wellness industry in the UK.

Whilst the beauty industry is reported to be worth £27 billion in 2020 and is ranked the seventh largest cosmetic industry in the world, and there are numerous innovative Australian beauty brands, a lack of market knowledge, and connections, has prevented many of the brands from exporting into the UK and Europe.

To start the process, we will be designing an online webinar to share what is happening in the UK beauty sector, the trends that are driving growth, how the marketplace is segmented, who the key retailers are and how to ensure regulatory and compliance for the marketplace. We will then be designing a survey, to invite interested brands to participate, and to evaluate which brands are market ready to export. We be providing each brand with individual 1-to-1 feedback on whether they are market ready, and if they are not, our advice and support on what they need to do to become market ready.

For those brands that are market ready, we will be developing their go-to-market strategies and provide introductions to relevant retailers and distributors in the UK beauty sector. Having won a tender process on the strength of our expertise, we are very much looking forward to working with Devinka, her team and the brands to drive this project forward.

About the Department of Trade and Investment

Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) is the Queensland Government of Australia’s dedicated global business agency, helping Queensland exporters take their products to world markets and to promote Queensland as the perfect place for investment. TIQ has an extensive global network including an office in London, which has market coverage for the UK and Europe.