UK Market-Entry Strategy for Irish Beauty Brands

UK Market-Entry Strategy for Irish Beauty Brands

We were appointed by Enterprise Ireland to develop and deliver a webinar to over 70 Irish beauty and wellness companies on how to enter the UK beauty sector.

Our Approach and Results
We started by providing an overview of the UK beauty retail marketplace and how this is segmented, insights into key UK beauty retailers and their strategies for 2024, how to engage with retail buyers and the trends driving growth. We covered routes to market, and how to identify their best approach for market-entry as well as shared considerations they needed to account for with regards to retail, regulatory and compliance, and legal. We designed a survey, to invite interested brands to apply to work with Bespoke Advantage through this market-entry program.

About Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland is an Irish government agency working with Irish companies to support their international growth strategies. They invest in and support the development of companies through providing a platform for strong economic growth, and have 39 international offices around the globe.