UK Market-Entry Strategy for Beauty Brand - Bespoke Advantage

UK Market-Entry for Beauty Brand


  • Creating a market-entry strategy for the UK, Middle East, and travel retail.
  • Introducing the brand to leading retailers and travel retailers across these markets.
  • Consulted on best practices for each market.

“As a Queensland-based company, we were determined to tap into the European market and establish a strong presence. From the very beginning, Bespoke Advantage demonstrated a deep understanding of our export goals and objectives. Their comprehensive knowledge of the European market, coupled with their extensive network of contacts, enabled them to connect us with key decision-makers and influential stakeholders in our target countries. This facilitated meaningful business relationships and opened doors to new opportunities that we would have otherwise struggled to access.’


Standard Procedure is a sun care brand, launched in Australia, now available across 400 independent retailers in Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, and Europe. They launched a global collaboration with Zara in 2023. Whilst they had been successful in launching into markets, they had little export experience in the UK, Middle East or travel retail.

Born under the harsh Australian sun, Standard Procedure, is a range of Sun Care and Lifestyle products made to withstand the toughest elements. Mixed with native Australian super fruits containing antioxidants and vitamins A, B + C, Standard Procedure is a Reef Friendly product free of Paba, Parabens, Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. Standard Procedure is a TGA certified product, that meets the highest standards globally and is ethically made only minutes from the beach on the Sunshine Coast, Australia in their 100% solar powered factory.



  • Bespoke Advantage designed and delivered a successful 90-minute webinar to trade ministers, and beauty brands on what is required to export and launch their brand into the UK marketplace.
  • Bespoke Advantage designed a survey for interested companies to apply to work with Bespoke Advantage on their export strategy, and Bespoke Advantage provided one on one ‘Bespoke’ assistance to the most market ready companies by designing their go-to-market strategies and introducing them to relevant and interested retail partners.
  • Standard Procedure were one of the brands selected, and Bespoke Advantage have been working with them over the past year, introducing them into retailers in the UK, Middle East and travel retail.
  • They will be launching into Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, in January 2024.

‘ One aspect that truly sets Bespoke Advantage apart is their tailored approach. They took the time to understand our unique products, strengths, and competitive advantages. This allowed them to effectively position our brand and offerings in the European market, helping us to stand out from competitors and gain a competitive edge. Their strategic guidance and insights were invaluable in shaping our export strategy and positioning us for long-term success. Their attention to detail, thorough market research, and meticulous planning demonstrated their commitment to delivering exceptional results. Working with them felt like having an extended team of experienced professionals who genuinely cared about our success.’

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