Skincare for Sensitive Skin - Bespoke Advantage

Skincare is Self-Care

About Beauty by Roya Skin: ‘Roya Skin is founded, together with my sister, based on my personal skincare journey. We believe that we all deserve a skincare regime that allows us to practice self-care. That we all deserve the opportunity to discover new products that not only promise results but that deliver them. That we all deserve skin care that looks beautiful and is kind and respectful to our planet.’

Roya skincare has been developed by two sisters who are committed to quality skincare products that deliver results for sensitive skins, without compromise. Their target audience are those suffering with sensitive, and problematic skin and their ingredients have been selected to support the skin’s recovery process, maintaining the health of its natural barrier.

Success Highlights: Developing a clearly defined brand strategy, vision, mission, brand messaging, pricing, cash flow statement for Roya Skincare.

The Issue: Roya skincare approached us to help them to create a strategy to launch their skincare brand

Our Approach & Results: We conducted market research on the sensitive skin marketplace, reviewing their key competitors. Roya wanted to use rich and beneficial ingredients that are suitable for all types of skin, it was also important to conduct research on which ingredients are most effective.

We developed their Brand Strategy, their Vision, Mission and Brand Messaging. We established their pricing strategy and their cash flow forecast.

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