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An African Inspired Beauty Brand

About Beauty by Kutemwa Skin:
‘Kutemwa Skincare is an African inspired skincare range based on sharing the simplicity and efficacy of natural ingredients. We take you across the rich tapestry of Africa, seeking out the beneficial properties of nature from Cape Town to Cairo. Come and join us on our journey!’

Working together as a mother and daughter duo, Kutemwa is an African inspired skincare, body and haircare brand that draws upon rich natural, highly beneficial African inspired ingredients. In Africa mothers pass on their skincare rituals to their daughters. These rituals have been the secret to flawless skincare, dating back centuries, and are still prevalent

Success Highlights: Developed Kutemwa’s brand strategy, their vision, mission, brand messaging, pricing and their cash flow forecast.

The Issue:
Kutemwa contacted us to help them develop their brand strategy, brand identity, brand messaging, pricing and cash flow forecast.

Our Approach & Results:
• We conducted market research on African skincare ingredients to truly understand their benefits.
• We considered macro and micro trends in the marketplace, conducted a competitor analysis and SWOT analysis, developing their Vision, Mission, Brand Messaging.
• We created their pricing strategy and their cash flow forecast.

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