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Crafting Brand Messaging for a Skincare Brand

About Beauty by Ané:
‘Beauty by Ane is a core multi-functional skincare system to proactively address signs of ageing caused by oestrogen deficient skin through innovative products, inspiring conversations, and education. Skincare should light up our lives, at every age, at every stage and through every chapter. Make healthy skin choices, now and for your future.’

Beauty By Ané targets signs of ageing with time saving simplicity, without overwhelming the consumer. Their products are a gorgeous blend of powerful botanicals with clinically proven ingredients delivering trustworthy formulas. The brand’s mission is to support their customer in feeling confident with their skin through mastering a simple, yet effective skincare regime during menopause. This is a pro-age brand, and all products are vegan, cruelty free and made in the UK.

Success Highlights
A workshop to recraft their brand messaging.

The Issue:
The brand aims to enhance people’s lives, through instilling confidence in their appearance, with the founder’s back story based on a personal challenge. They approached Bespoke Advantage to support them with crafting their brand messaging.

Our Approach & Results:

  • We hosted a half day workshop with Beauty by Ane, initially researching this marketplace to gain a more in-depth understanding of their key competitors.
  • We researched key ingredients included in their formulations, to gain a clearer understanding of the benefits and their USP.
  • Working together through the workshop we crafted their brand messaging for their website and social media channels.

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