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Feminine Hygiene is on our Radar

There are a surge of feminine hygiene products in the market now! For years this has been a bit of a taboo topic, discussed behind closed doors with hushed voices, but now we are far more open to sharing the concerns we are experiencing, and brands are bringing solutions to the table. About time.

From ingrown hairs, to our periods, there are some really innovative products. Menstrual hygiene is vital during your period and there are plenty of ways in which to take care. Because this topic has become more openly discussed, brands are not only coming up with realistic solutions, but also solutions that are sustainable and helping the environment is a differentiating factor in this category. This category was dominated by global players across supermarkets and pharmacies, with no such sustainable solutions.

In the UK, an estimated 1.5 billion sanitary items are flushed down the toilet each year and the average woman will dispose of 11,000 sanitary items in a lifetime. Countless amounts of these products end up in oceans or in landfill, and as 90% of sanitary products are made from plastic, they’re not biodegradable. Brands like Plasfree, Jude and Dame focus on sustainable sanitary towels to help protect the environment and Planera is a new brand that has created flushable sanitary towels which is officially launching at the end of 2022.

Menstrual cups have also become quite popular in recent years. It’s a small, flexible bell-shaped cup made of rubber or silicone and can be used for up to 12 hours, after which it is removed to dispose of the fluid and cleaned. The cup is rinsed with hot water and soap between each placing and sterilized in boiling water at least once per period. A cup can last up to 10 years and they are now becoming more spoken about and used. Mooncup and Intimina are brands that educate their consumers on the importance of switching their regimes and using these types of reusable products. Dame have also created a reusable tampon applicator. Used like an average applicator, but never finding its way to the bin, the D-applicator is meant to be kept for life. Kept in a small case, the tool can easily pop into your bag and be washed at your own convenience. Every little bit helps the planet –  we all need to do our little bits to protect the future of the planet.

Because periods have always been a taboo subject, females don’t openly share their experiences or concerns when it comes to feminine issues. Other topics that have now just started to catch our attention are issues with pubic irritations coming from hair removal, razor burns and hormonal imbalances as well as ingrown hair. Regrettably, ingrown hairs can crop up anywhere, from our legs to our bikini line and under arms to our jawline. This doesn’t only occur with hair removal, other factors like excessive sweating, wearing tight garments, periods and genetics can also trigger it. Hyperpigmentation is another issue that numerous women deal with at different phases of their life.

We are proud to be working with our new client Oyo Skincare – they focus on empowering women to be 100% comfortable in their skin and with their body.  Oyo Skincare is a body-positive skincare brand that makes natural and effective products for public skin and hair. Their mission is to make women feel comfortable and hygienic all year round.

Sisters, Leonie, and Lisa Gisin created the brand to support women around the globe with their personal struggles with in-grown hairs, redness, bumpiness, and irritations. Their three-step routine caters for all types of hair and is made from a powerful blend of plant-based ingredients that help you to navigate uncomfortable situations.

We are supporting them in growing their brand across the marketplace and in driving their PR, and building their brand awareness. Watch this space to see them popping up soon! If you are looking for support with growing your brand across the marketplace, and in driving your brand awareness, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.