Join a beauty accelerator with Bespoke Advantage

Investing in Next Generation Beauty Entrepreneurs

‘Our new Beauty Accelerator has been designed to inspire and empower you to make your vision your reality. This takes you through how to build a brand from ‘concept to shelf’, we are joined by inspired business owners from different corners of the world who are developing brands from the comfort of their homes. This has been based on years of experience in developing and launching brands to market, and we can’t wait to get started!’ Janet Milner-Walker, Founder, Bespoke Advantage

Did you know that the average person will spend roughly 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime? Given how much time we dedicate to building our careers, it’s obvious that our careers were the first things we considered changing when Covid dawned upon us. As days turned to weeks, and weeks extended into months and years, we had a lot of time on our hands to consider what makes us happy. For many of us Covid was the catalyst to making drastic lifestyle changes, starting with our careers.

Recent research from Totaljobs found that nearly 89% of UK workers were looking for a new job in 2021. And they didn’t just look for a slight change in location or role – 45% of workers said they wanted to completely change sectors. But how do you change careers whilst still working full-time? Many people have been turning to eLearning, which has seen a significant increase in demand, across sectors, over the past two years. eLearning programs can be completed faster than in-person courses, not surprising considering how much more time we are all spending online. Even employers are recognising the validity of certificates from expert providers, as opposed to only favouring university degrees.

Another sector that has experienced significant growth over the past two years has been the global beauty industry. According to Statista, this is valued at $395.7 billion in 2022, driven by an increasing demand for skincare, ‘at-home spa and salon’ products and haircare. Time spent at home, and without the ability to frequent spas and salons, has seen consumers investing in their beauty, health, and wellbeing.

‘Absolutely fantastic course. Condensed learning from Janet, an expert in developing beauty brands. Also, valuable introductions to expert professionals, in the Masterclass sessions. In 12 weeks, you will learn from Janet, what would take years to learn by yourself. A very worthwhile investment’ Bridgette, Founding Member, Trainer & Consultant and Beauty Entrepreneur

To support the growth of innovative new indie beauty and wellness businesses, Bespoke Advantage has launched BeautytoLife®. The is an accelerator program for brands within the beauty and wellness space, taught online through group masterclasses, supported by videos, PDF’s, template. Led by the team at Bespoke Advantage, and by Janet Milner-Walker together with a team of expert guest businesses.

With so much free information available online, you may question why you need to join a beauty accelerator program.

  1. It provides a clear roadmap – one of the biggest problems brand founders experience is lack of knowledge and expertise.
  2. It provides structure, process, and systems that you can turn to time and again, to launch new products.
  3. You save time and money – working with an expert team ensures you are learning precisely what you need to do, which will save you considerable time, not to mention money in making unnecessary mistakes.
  4. Investing in a program ensures you are committed to seeing this through, and you focus on what needs to be done, rather than letting time pass by.
  5. You can join this program at any time, from any corner of the globe, and complete this from the comfort of your home.
  6. You can book in for additional workshops or strategy sessions with the team from Bespoke Advantage.
  7. Not only can you ask questions from Bespoke Advantage throughout the program, but from expert guest businesses who are joining the program to cover legal aspects, finance, PR, social media, contract manufacturing and trends.

Come and join our beauty accelerator progratarting January 2023. If this sounds like the support you have been looking for all along, get in touch –  www.beautytoLife®.