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eCommerce Development

2020 is the year that will go do in history books as the year of the pandemic. The year where we learnt to Live online. The year when regardless of what business you ran, if you didn’t have a strong online presence, now was the time to invest in this. Online sales soared 46% year on year, with the pandemic changing consumer shopping behaviour forever. In the beauty industry, it was also the year when beauty retailers invested in AR and VR, particularly for categories like colour cosmetics, enabling consumers to make choices about colour – from lipsticks, to foundations.

Many a start-up brand started with e-commerce development first, then launched into bricks and mortar. Launching online and transitioning into bricks and mortar, requires a very strong marketing strategy. Key to your consideration:

  • Optimise your website – Take advantage of all your site has to offer and make it as responsive as possible. Optimize your site so that it will automatically organize supply and sales regardless of where the transaction occurred.
  • User ExperienceAugmented Reality provides customers with a ‘real-feel’ which can add a positive dynamic to their online experience. This is especially comforting for those new to shopping online.
  • Content Marketing– There are many ways to create unique and relevant content that your audience will find engaging and educational – podcasts, blogs, email marketing, eBooks, and videos.
  • Social Media Habits – Users are likely to purchase something they have seen on social media via an influencer or blogger. Authentic content is appealing to new customers.
  • SEO and Paid Ads – Paid digital advertising is a marketing method where companies pay a publisher each time someone clicks or views their ads in a search result, on a website or social media.

If you are looking to develop a brand in the beauty, spa or wellness industry or you have an existing brand and you are looking for support get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Getting your ecommerce development right will help your brand stand out and gain you access to todays audience.