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Building your ideas into products, and your products into brands

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Developing your Brand

Beauty, Spa or Wellness

We can build your brand and product range from ‘concept to shelf’.

We have developed beauty, spa and wellness brands for leading companies across the industry in the UK and internationally. Our expertise includes skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, bath and body, sun care, supplements and beauty accessories.

Underpinning our creative-led approach is a clear and structured process supported by a well-defined strategy to ensure that our products are compliant, commercially driven and manufactured to high standards.

Product Development

Working Together

We are your central hub ensuring critical path milestones are met, and that your products comply with the technical and regulatory requirements, and the desired quality standards. We are very familiar with the challenges of packaging, minimum order quantities and ingredients.

We oversee everything from products, to packaging, branding, your website, launch plan, marketing campaigns and instore merchandising, ensuring your brand has a cohesive look and feel across all touch points.

Building a brand and a business, particularly if it is highly technical, supported by consumer studies and you would like to launch a number of products at the same time, takes time. We have long-standing relationships across the industry with manufacturers, suppliers and retailers and can work with you from ‘concept to shelf’.

Collaboration is what makes the impossible, possible. If you are looking for a team to work with you, we would love to hear from you.

Transform your Ideas

Into a Meaningful Business

Did you know that the global beauty industry is a $532 billion industry, expanding at a phenomenal rate?

This is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK retail industry, and is forecast to grow 21.1% over the next five years (GlobalData 2017 – 2022). The boundaries between beauty, wellness, nutrition and fitness have merged.


‘Inside-out Beauty’ encompasses what we apply to our bodies as much as what we ingest – from our diet, nutrition, to supplements, probiotics and gut health.

We are more aware of sustainability (clean beauty, packaging, ingredients), ethical working practices, mental health and of being kind to each other and the planet. Now is the time to build a purposeful brand.