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What's Trending in Haircare Today

Let’s face it, hair is personal. It is often said that when you are making big changes in your life, one of the first places many people start is with their hair, and it certainly makes a dramatic difference. From colour to cut, length and condition.

This is one of the fastest growing categories over the past few years, outperforming the beauty and personal care market by 8% in 2022. Today premium hair care products are all the rage, sales of premium hair care products have experienced double digit growth for three consecutive years. With products created for almost every hair concern, from styling products to the emerging scalp care category which has all of us thinking about the condition of the skin on our head and how to care for it. TikTok is renowned for starting beauty trends with #rosemary oil racking up over 2 million views, sending everyone out on a shopping spree to get their hands on a bottle. Never before have we had access to so many new product formats. Gone are the days of a 3-in-1 shampoos or picking up the cheapest family brands in supermarkets. Not only do we have a greater breadth of products, we also have the opportunity to customise our hair care products thanks to brands like Function of Beauty

Several haircare launches have focused more recently on both hair health and sustainability, some with some notable trends to include:

Personalised haircare

If we have personalised skincare, why not haircare is the question? How many times have you bought a shampoo or conditioner only to find that it doesn’t leave your hair feeling silky smooth as promised and it lands up in your bathroom waste? Function of Beauty, Hims and Prose offer personalised solutions enabling you to choose based on your hair type and texture saving you time and money.

Scalp care

Our scalp deserves the same TLC as our skin, we now understand far more about the health of our hair and how this starts with creating a healthy scalp environment. Scalp care encourages hair growth. Whilst hair loss isn’t directly linked to scalp health (in terms of follicle-diminishing factors), these follicles still need nourishment as well as a balanced environment to grow. A healthy scalp encourages the production of natural oil that shields and moisturizes your strands and contributes to softer, more manageable hair minimizing breakage.

Eco – friendly products

The rise of eco-friendly hair care products reflects a growing consumer demand in the beauty industry for sustainable, environmentally conscious, and ethical options. Natural, plant-based, and non-toxic ingredients are becoming more of a norm in hair care products, as brands avoid harsh chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, silicones, and synthetic fragrances, appealing to the trend of clean beauty. Waterless formulations help with sustainability efforts by minimising the amount of water used in production and transportation. These goods frequently come in formats such as powders or bars, that require less packing and have a lower carbon footprint. To promote hair health, strength, and manageability, hair care brands are incorporating innovative and sustainable ingredients such as plant-derived oils including argan oil and coconut oil, biotin, adaptogens, and vitamins.

Hair Styling

Sustainable hair styling practices have grown in popularity in the beauty industry as both the professional industry and everyday consumers seek out eco-friendly alternatives. Salons are implementing recycling programmes to responsibly manage waste, such as recycling used foils, colour tubes, and other materials. They are also becoming more environmentally conscious by investing in water-efficient fixtures. To encourage environmentally conscious decisions outside of the salon, stylists provide advice on at-home care and educate their clients about sustainable hair care options.

Natural regimes

Aside from applying products to your hair and scalp, more of us are considering our lifestyle and how this impacts the health of our hair – from our nutrition, to reducing stress and maintaining our wellbeing. We are also incorporating superfoods, like yoghurt, honey, avocado, and bananas to make homemade remedies that provide nourishment to our hair and can be tailored to our individual preferences.

Textured Hair

We are currently working with a wonderful textured haircare brand, Nylah Naturals that featured on Dragons Den to support them with their rebrand. There has been far more focus on textured hair. Afro-textured hair is unique and beautiful, with a rich history and cultural significance. However, due to a lack of understanding and representation, many people with Afro-textured hair face challenges when it comes to caring for and embracing their natural hair.

Developing a hair care regime, tailored to your hair type and condition, that meets your individual needs is far more achievable now than ever before and who doesn’t love a good hair day. Why not invest in your hair care this year, ‘Because you’re worth it’.

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