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Rebranding an African Skincare Brand

Rebranding of an African Skincare Brand – Zawadi Naturals to reposition them as a more luxurious African skincare brand, with a cohesive look and feel. Zawadi means ‘gift’ in ‘Swahili’.  They are a natural skincare brand based on African ingredients with a collection of products that target eczema, rashes, and hyperpigmentation. Their hero product, African Black Soap, has been passed on for many generations, and is a natural body cleanser which rejuvenates your skin.

“The pop up started yesterday with everyone raving about how nice our branding and packaging looks. Thank you so much to the Bespoke Advantage team – the rebrand has totally transformed the look and feel of the products. Very happy that I made the decision to seek professional help.” Bee, Founder.



Zawadi Naturals was born based on the founders’ personal experience with problematic skin and eczema. Having studied formulating through a leading online skincare school, they had already created their branding however this didn’t position them in the correct manner. The founder approached us to rebrand them to better portray their African heritage and to attract the right customers.


We started by researching the marketplace to understand current and future trends as well as conducted a competitor analysis and a swot analysis of the brand.  We reviewed their existing brand identity, which was disjointed, and didn’t reflect their point of difference or their brand values.


  • We went back to the drawing board and selected African accents that transformed the brand, to its core routes.
  • We created a new suite of colours, a new font type and a distinctive pattern that runs as a single thread throughout the brand. The colour palette and accents complemented the back story and African inspired ingredients
  • We redesigned their labels and packaging for their pop up in John Lewis.



Getting your branding right from the beginning is critical to positioning your brand, and to attracting the right customers. Whilst you may have the best formulations in the world, unless you can strongly position your brand, and communicate your point of difference, it is very challenging to stand out in the industry, or to communicate your brand messaging.

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