Planning a tradeshow post Pandemic

Planning a Tradeshow Post Pandemic?

Planning a tradeshow post pandemic?

We have had a busy month with fresh and exciting projects as well as speaking and exhibiting at ‘in-person’ events, like the White Label Expo in Frankfurt, Germany. The White Label Expo features seminars, masterclasses, and innovations, bringing you the latest trends driving growth across the industry, as well as tips on how to build your brand! Our founder Janet Milner-Walker was a keynote speaker, talking about the importance of building a purpose-led brand in today’s marketplace, and how to go about this.

The event took place at the start of the month and as you can imagine it wasn’t ‘Business as normal’ pre Covid, as there were different rules and regulations we had to follow. Nonetheless, we met lots of interesting companies and people which was refreshing.

The event took place at The Messe Frankfurt – one of the world’s largest trade fairs, congress, and event organizers with its own exhibiting grounds. Exhibitors and visitors from near and far attended the event.

A key part of ensuring was to be adaptable to changing circumstances. It had already been cancelled in 2020, so our team were fully aware of what to expect if there was a repeat situation due to Covid.

There is no denying that these are ever-changing and unpredictable times, but after attending The White Label Expo we have faith that in-person events are not going anywhere! The truth is that no computer screen or digital slideshow can replace the innumerable benefits of meeting people in person and building relationships with them face-to-face. In-person events moving forward will look a little different and tradeshow planners and exhibitors will have to account for certain factors that were barely once considered.

Planning your first post-Covid event can be a challenging task, but we have a few tips on how we overcame this to ensure a positive outcome:


  • Liaise with the tradeshow organisers – they will have a list of rules and regulations you will need to follow before and during the event.
  • Network with exhibitors beforehand – send exhibitors a friendly email and organise a meeting when at the event, fill your diary up!
  • Embrace technology – for the foreseeable future, most in-person events will need to include at least some digital/virtual elements to accommodate networking. For example, it is now more likely that a keynote speaker may have to self-isolate after being exposed to a Covid-positive person. The organisers will be able to adjust this last minute.
  • Check all rules and regulations from the flight companies/ airports if you are attending an international show as most of them have lots of paperwork you will need to complete.
  • Don’t forget your hand sanitisers and face masks – these are a must at the stands and whilst walking around.

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