UK Market-Entry for US Beauty Brands - Bespoke Advantage

UK Market-entry Strategy for US Beauty Brands

Join us for our upcoming webinar providing invaluable insights tailored for American brands eyeing entry into the UK market. We’ll delve deep into strategies for navigating the UK beauty landscape, providing essential guidance for market-entry success. Fill in the form to join the webinar.

This is an exclusive webinar for US based brands only hosted by the team at Bespoke Advantage on behalf of the U.S. Department of Commerce, together with our brand partners.

We will be sharing more on:

  • The retail landscape in the UK
  • Channels and routes to market
  • How to manage fulfilment in the UK
  • Key considerations when entering the UK including regulatory and compliance


U.S. Department of Commerce – Erin Luck, Business and Industry Specialist

Bespoke Advantage – Janet Milner-Walker, Founder & Managing Director
Advena Medical – Kirsty Ostle, Managing Director
Advena Medical – Andrea Meikle, Cosmetics Co-ordinator
ILG Fulfilment – Danny Ellard, UK Sales Manager


See you on the 29th May 2024!