Six Inspirational Women in 2022 - Bespoke Advantage

Women are leading the way

Six inspirational women in 2022. We could have chosen many more!

International Women’s Day is a day that we recognize and celebrate the rights and the achievements of women world wide. First started in 1908 when 15 000 women marched the streets of New York City demanding better working hours, pay and the right to vote. The year following the Socialist Party of America declared the fist National Women’s Day.

The idea to make this international was sparked by Clara Zetkin, who suggested the idea in Copenhagen, to 100 women in 17 countries, and they all agreed unanimously. It was then celebrated in 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland, and so the seed was sown.

In 1975 the UN started celebrating this day. International Women’s Day allows us to look up and be inspired by how much has changed, and what we have achieved – in politics, sports, business, medicine, as women who juggle children, partners, families with empathy, with passion and with determination.

Whilst we are inspired by many women, we have identified six women this year who we wanted to celebrate and to share why we look up to them – from Bobbi Brown, to Huda Kattan, Oprah Winfrey, Marcia Kilgore, Michelle Obama and Susie Ma. They all have a great story, and an inspirational view on how they got to be where they are.