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When you Need to Rebrand

Rebranding your beauty brand is a natural part of your company’s evolution. Beliefs, priorities, tastes, and outlooks change as your business grows and these changes need to be reflected in your brand. Perhaps your target audience is shifting, your main product offering is changing, or your company is simply evolving beyond its original brand presence.

Rebranding can be an exciting undertaking. It provides you with an opportunity to refresh your image, strengthen your market positioning, boost your reach, or improve your bottom line. But when is the right time to implement these changes and how drastic does a rebrand need to be?

What creates a brand?

Before you start diving into a relaunch it’s good to understand what is needed to develop a strong brand in the first place. It’s obviously so much more than simply choosing a logo, colours, font types, imagery, packaging, messaging. Your brand is your business’s identity. It is your tone of voice, the way you communicate your goals and values as well as your products and services.

It encompasses your mission and goals, the way you portray yourself across social mediums, your company’s culture, your customer service, the images and sounds you choose in communications, how you handle a misstep, the quality of your products and services, and so much more.

Why rebrand?

Your sales may have slowed down, you may find it difficult to stand out, you may need to revisit your marketing strategy or to align to your target audience’s values and needs. Your existing brand strategy and marketing materials may be exceptional, but if your efforts have failed to meaningfully align with your target audience, you won’t identify any tangible differences.

A simple fix could include addressing new channels or tweaking the language you use. Perhaps these are the reasons you may want to rebrand?

  • Your vision has changed – As companies grow, people grow, and your vision and goals for your business may have shifted since your initial launch.
  • Your target demographic has changed – If your customer base is ageing you may want to appeal to a younger crowd.
  • The overall landscape has changed – In this fast-moving digital world, the landscape is constantly evolving, it’s key to be aware of what’s going on in the marketplace.

Sit back and evaluate the performance of your company and where you want to go next. Get a fresh pair of eyes to look at your current business.  GET IN TOUCH, to discuss how we can support you with your rebrand.