Dermaplanning with Hollywood Browzer - Bespoke Advantage

Good enough for Hollywood

Amy Anzel approached us to support her in expanding Hollywood Browzer across the marketplace.

‘Thrilled to be working with Bespoke Advantage. They have already done some great things for Hollywood Browzer Beauty in the very short time we’ve been working together. Looking forward to the future!’ 



As a former actress, founder and creator of Hollywood Browzer Beauty, Amy Anzel, spent hours in makeup trailers and backstage dressing rooms around the world and was constantly exposed to the tips and tricks of various makeup artists and Hollywood celebrities. The concept behind Hollywood Browzer Beauty was based on one of the celebrity favourites that Amy discovered during this time.

Amy created Hollywood Browzer Beauty to give everyone the chance to experience the same pain-free hair removal, eyebrow shaping, and glowing skin models and celebrities were privy too when Hollywood makeup artists were working on them.

Dermaplaning the skin, or removing the peach fuzz and dead skin cells, before applying makeup, was a little trick that many Hollywood makeup artists would use to prep the skin of their clients to achieve a flawless makeup application. Just like an artist works on a clean canvas, so does a makeup artist. Therefore, removing facial hair and dead skin cells to create this ‘clean canvas’, is an important step.

Hollywood Browzer Beauty is a multi-functional beauty tool that shapes your eyebrows and instantly removes unwanted hair on your face and body whilst also exfoliating your skin at the same time with no pain, redness, or irritation. By eliminating facial hair and dead skin cells from your face with this tool, a smooth canvas is created which makes it far easier to achieve a beautiful finish.


We have well-established relationships from pharmacy to online retailers, department stores, grocer, and travel retail. A beauty accessories range is a great product range that lends itself well to different retail verticals in the marketplace. Within a matter of weeks, we have already listed the brand in a fashion retailer, as well as received interest from several online, fashion, specialised beauty and department stores.


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